Breathing Life

Rotary club of Coimbatore Texcity is existence in Coimbatore for 30 years and doing needy projects to the community.

As Covid 19 pandemic is destroyed lives in the second wave our city was gasping for Oxygen. Hospitals are bursting at the seams. Beds aren't available and oxygen beds more so.

We donated a PSi O2 Oxygen Concentrator of 1000 LPM capacity as a Single Standalone Sturdy Fixed unit to Provide continuous flow of O2 @ the rate of 5 LPM / patient which will serve 200 beds at a given time .However , if the O2 is fed @ the rate of 10 LPM to the patient , then it will serve 100 beds at given point of time. This is also a unit with high flow & high pressure capacity .It has a Psi of 4 bar , so it can drive the Ventilator on its own without an aid of Compressor .