Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity consists of a vibrant group of 69 Rotarians and their families. A healthy mix of people from different vocations, was chartered on 4th April, 1990 with Rtn Rajshree Pathy as Charter President. The Rotary club of Coimbatore Texcity has been in the limelight for excellent works in all avenues of service, especially Youth Service and Vocational Service. Texcity meets every Wednesday at 7.00 pm at the Texcity Centenary Hall, their own premises on Sungam Byepass Road.






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It's an honour bestowed upon me by you, my dear Texcitians, having chosen me to be the one to be “first among equals”, of this prestigious club. As always along with the honour comes a great deal of responsibility.

I am secure in the knowledge that each one of you is with me every step of the way.

IPP Rtn. C R Vijay and past Secretary Rtn. Prof. Nanjan Balu, along with their team have raised the bar high and laid the foundation for the club to achieve even greater heights. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the incoming team will not let you down.

Our Rotary international president Rtn.Gordon R. McInally's theme for the year is, Create Hope in the world. He urges members to promote peace in troubled nations, help those affected by conflict, and maintain the momentum of initiatives begun by past leaders. I would love to know from all of you how we can achieve this objective.

Our Dist. Governor Rtn. T.R. Vijaykumar, has given us directions with the help of an acronym - Smiles, under which all the district programs come. (The details of the same are being shared in the subsequent pages of this bulletin.)

Your incoming board has had a brain-storming session and we have short listed a few projects to kick start the year and with ideas from all of you, we shall do much more as the year goes along.

To start with we are going to support The Swarga foundation to help them set up a stateof- the-art physiotherapy centre to help the underprivileged to rehabilitate. In the past we have seen the stellar work done by the Shanti Ashram, we propose to partner them in helping the marginalized .

Kanum KOVAI is a project of tree planting in Govt reserve sites. A lot of preliminary work has been done by our Rtn. Maruti and we in principle will adopt a few of the reserved sites and transform them for the general good of the public.

Two matching grant projects are in the pipeline- The Eyeserve project and Project Tiny feet, which is to strengthen and equip the public health centres to be more effective for the community in large.

We also propose to build 4 more classrooms continuing from where PP Kamal Kumar let off. All ongoing projects will also continue.

Our USP is that we are a family club, and keeping in line with this many trips are being planned during the year with one international trip to Turkey in the month of September.

I challenge you to bring new members to our club, cause if we don't grow, we stagnate. Would like to leave you with a thought to ponder over: “Excellence is not a goal, it is a habit “

Yours in Rotary




2023 - 2024

Rtn. MD Vijaykumar Sivanaesan


Rtn. MD Devi Maruti


2022 - 2023

Rtn CR.Vijay


Rtn Dr.Nanjan Balu


2021 - 2022

Rtn. PHF DR. Z Mohamed Irfan


Rtn. Mohamed Shafi


Period President Secretary
2020 - 2021 Rtn. PHF Dr Velswamy Ravendran Rtn. Reji Kurian
2019-2020 Rtn. PHF Kamal Kumar G Rtn. A L Vairavan
2018-2019 Rtn. PHF Senthil Kumar K Rtn. MD Vijayakumar Sivanesan
2017-2018 Rtn. PHF Mahaveer Bothra Rtn. PHF Narendra Kumar
2016-2017 Rtn. PHF Brijesh K P Rtn. PHF Badrinath Kota
2015-2016 Rtn. PHF Jose C Abraham Rtn. PHF Kamal Kumar
2014-2015 Rtn. PHF Maruti Rtn. PHF Prasanna
2013-2014 Rtn. Md Gigi Rtn. PHF Irfan
2012-2013 Rtn. PHF Peter Rtn. PHF Vijay C R
2011-2012 Rtn. PHF Agarwal Rtn. PHF Lakshmanan
2010-2011 Rtn. PHF Mathew John Rtn. PHF Senthil
2009-2010 Rtn. PHF Ramesh Rtn. PHF Maruti
2008-2009 Rtn. PHF Suresh S Lund Rtn. PHF Brijesh K P
2007-2008 Rtn. PHF Sai Prakash Rtn. PHF Peter Arokiyam
2006-2007 Rtn. PHF K A Antony Johnson Rtn. PHF V E Ramesh
2005-2006 Rtn. PHF John A C Thanakumar Rtn. PHF Suresh S Lund
2004-2005 Rtn. MPHF Ramesh A Nichan Rtn. PHF Mathew John
2003-2004 Rtn. PHF G Ashok Rtn. PHF K A Antony Johnson
2002-2003 Rtn. PHF P L Eapen Rtn. PHF K B Mahesh Kumar
2001-2002 Rtn. PHF Dr. Joseph Alapatt Rtn. PHF Saba Singaram
2000-2001 Rtn. PHF Nalin N Zaveri Rtn. PHF Ramesh A Nichani
1999-2000 Rtn. PHF Dr. Thomas Chacko Rtn. PHF P L Eapen
1998-1999 Rtn. PHF K Chandramouli Rtn. PHF Jaishree V Murthy
1997-1998 Rtn. PHF P C Surendranath Rtn. PHF Ramesh Agarwal
1996-1997 Rtn. MD. Dr K A Kuriachan Rtn. PHF V Durai Kannan
1995-1996 Rtn. PHF Dr.Vatsala Manohar Rtn. PHF Dr. Joseph Alapatt
1994-1995 Rtn. PHF Arun Gokuldas Rtn. PHF Dr. Thomas Chacko
1993-1994 Rtn. PHF Rajini Krishnamoorthy Rtn. PHF K A Kuriachan
1992-1993 Rtn. PHF Capt Mathews Rtn. PHF Indira Ganesan
1991-1992 Rtn. PHF Vijayalakshmi Rudrappan Rtn. PHF Sethuraman
1990-1991 Rtn. PHF Rajshree Pathy Rtn. PHF Lakshmi Sridhar