The wives of Rotarians are addressed as Anns. Texcity is proud of its vibrant Anns Club that raises funds and does proiects to serve the community in its own right. The leadership mantle changes every year giving the Anns a chance to exhibit and hone their leadershio and organizational skills


The Anns Club, with the generous support of Ann Lana Jose, has taken a step forward in enhancing the learning environment for the special students of Infant Jesus School for Deaf and Mute. Understanding the crucial need for consistent electricity, our club has provided the school with a significant gift—a brand-new inverter worth ₹50,000. This contribution is not just a piece of equipment; it's a beacon of hope and comfort for the children who rely on a stable supply of power to aid their education, especially during the crucial evening study hours. Power outages are no longer a barrier to the school's commitment to nurturing the minds of their students. This initiative by Anns Club, propelled by the kind heart of Ann Lana Jose, is a testament to our dedication to supporting and uplifting communities. Together, we celebrate the uninterrupted journey of learning and growth at Infant Jesus School for Deaf and Mute, lighting a path toward a brighter and more inclusive future for all children.


Where do I start, is it the mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea, the amazing property, or the extraordinary hospitality of our dear host, Ann Kadeeja? As I stand here, trying to capture the essence of this moment, I find myself at a loss for words. The sight of the Arabian Sea stretches out before me, its azure waves merging seamlessly with the sky on the horizon. The sun’s golden rays dance upon the water, casting a spellbinding glow that seems to suspend time itself.

And yet, amidst this paradise, it is Ann Kadeeja's hospitality that truly leaves me speechless. Her warmth and care are truly unparalleled, turning a simple stay into an unforgettable experience. Every interaction with her feels like a cherished moment as if time slows down to accommodate the genuine connections, she effortlessly fosters with every one of us.

How does one put into words the feeling of being enchanted by this trifecta of beauty, luxury, and heartfelt hospitality? It is an experience beyond imagination, where every sense is awakened, and every moment becomes a treasured memory.

So where do I start? Perhaps it's best to simply say, "There are no words to describe it." For some experiences are meant to be felt, cherished, and remembered in the depths of our hearts, once again our heartfelt thanks to our Ann Kadeeja who hosted 11 anns at her beautiful family guest house by the sea. Her cousins came to meet us and helped her organise our meals, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. We came back with bagful’s of not only things we bought, but with memories of a fabulous trip. Truly an unforgettable experience.

The Anns club organised an outing for the family of Texcity on the open decker bus ride around our city of Coimbatore, during the Coimbatore Vizha 2024 festival week. The open double-decker bus carried thirty of us Rotarians and their families, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as we navigated through the city streets, occasionally ducking to avoid the overhanging branches of trees lining our route.

The wind tousled our hair, and the sun warmed our faces as the bus ascended the Dr.Nanjappa road flyover, offering panoramic views of the city below. The elevated perspective brought a sense of unity among the Rotarians, their families, and the picturesque surroundings. Conversations flowed freely, and bonds strengthened amidst the shared experience.

Our Anns club has extended a helping hand to a commendable student, Ramya, by sponsoring her college tuition of ₹ 70,000 for a year. Ramya, a diligent nursing student, is being raised by her mother, who works tirelessly as a maid to provide for their family of three. Understanding the financial hardship that Ramya's family faces, our club has stepped forward to alleviate their burden. This support will allow Ramya to fully immerse herself in her studies without the constant worry of educational expenses. It is more than just financial aid—it's an investment in her future and a gesture of faith in her potential as an aspiring nurse. Thanks to this sponsorship, Ramya can now continue her education with a lighter heart, focusing on her coursework and training.

Wish of smiles, the Anns project which collects funds in cash or kind from the Anns celebrating their birthdays in the month went to The Spine Academy, Tennampalayam. The academy has 50 inmates all wheel chair bound or bed ridden depending on the severity of their spine injury. There was a request for basic groceries and vegetables which the “wish of smiles” was able to fulfil. Contributions were from Ann Muthu (groceries worth ₹7500/-), Ann Vidhya Suresh – (urinary bags worth ₹15,000/-), Ann Menaka (urinary bag worth ₹5000/-) Rtn Jagadeeshwari (groceries worth ₹5000/-), Ann Pravana (groceries worth ₹5000/-) The total value of groceries given was Rs. 37,500/-. It was very heartwarming for the Anns to be able to help the needy with these basic needs. The District Governor Rtn. MD. T. R. Vijayakumar was the chief guest, District Director Rtn.MD.Gokularaj was the Guest of honour. Along with us were Asst Governor Rtn.Sriramulu, GGR Rtn.C.R.Vijay, Many Rotarians, Anns, Annettes and Rotractors of Texcity attended the function. Five medical cots & mattresses too were donated to the academy.

On August 5th the Anns Club of Rotary Texcity in association with the Gynecology Department of The Coimbatore Kidney Centre and Specialty Hospital celebrated the International Breastfeeding Week at the hospital premises. Dr. Karpagam Murali, Dr. Karthik Annamalai, Dr. Kavitha Rajkumar, Dr.K S Ramalingam and Mrs. Vahini Arun spoke on various topics covering all aspects of Pregnancy and breast feeding. 50 new mothers were enlightened on these topics. 50 nutrition hampers were also distributed (dates / wellness porridge mix) to the mothers. The Doctors were honored with a stole and gift. The Anns club is glad that every year we do this project to spread awareness about the importance of breastfeeding.

On the occasion of World Breast feeding week, club. Rtn Dr. Karpagam Murali led the camp where about 50 participants both new mothers & mothers to be were present. Mrs. Rajeshwari Senthil & Mrs. Kanimozhi from Coimbatore parental network busted the myths on breast feeding & spoke on basics of breast feeding. Our gratitude to kidney center for arranging a wonderful camp.

The children of Sennanur primary school suffered without roof over their toilet. Ann’s club did a movie fundraiser – Ner Konda Parvai was screened. 260 Rotarians, Anns & Invited guests supported the project. Ann's club recognized the work of Nizhal Mayyam, wanted them to relax & enjoy the evening so gave away 20 tickets to them.

70 children & staff of Brindavan Vidhyalaya were taken to Dr Manoj Vakil’s clinic & screened where about 40 are deducted with issues, they are in need of glasses Dr Manoj has advised them to bring down their screen time & eat nutritious food. Many thanks to Ann Padmini who took great care of the kids & served yummy snacks.

Ann's club on 26.08.2019 gave away an incinerator to Saibaba Vidhyalaya Middle school. The importance of Health & hygiene was emphasized to 200 girl children studying there. Children were confident to use the incinerator as they were trained well by a professional.

Ann's club had the major project roof inauguration on 28.08.2019 @ Sennanur primary school, Sennanur. Children exhibited their happiness as they were saved from monsoon rains

Anns of Texcity Won Smiles by providing safe drinking water another initiative of our DG under Responsible India, to the children of Brindavan School, Kaundampalayam. They provided a Water doctor that has a capacity of producing 50 liters of clean water per hour.

Anns provided Rs.3000/- for the installation of Road Safety Ref lectors to Brindavan School. This was a spontaneous gesture by our Anns when they heard the road corner that turned towards the school was prone to frequent accidents. The principal promised to install the ref lectors before our visit to the school next week. The students were al l in smiles.

Texcity Anns provided Annadhanam to 1490 homeless, old age, physically and mentally challenged adults and kids. Lunch was provided for 26 orphanages and old age homes in and around Coimbatore. Secretary, Rtn Ramesh, Rtn Prasanna, Anns Chairman Ann Muthu, Ann Anu, Ann Menaka and Annette Anirudh visited these homes and interacted with these inmates.

Ann’s club of Coimbatore Texcity on the day of President Kamal Kumar’s Installation did their most loved & ongoing project of helping AIDS patients of SNEHA POSITIVE FACES. Sisters from Nirmala College who are taking care of AIDS patients were present to take the cheque which was used to buy one month medicines for 100 AIDS patients.



The children of Rotarians are known as Annets. Texcity's Annets start the leadership process very early. Not only do they participate actively in Texcity's activities but run an Annets club of their own to connect with each other and make a difference to the community.


The Annets Club visited the Government School for the Blind. Here there are children between the ages of 5 and 15 who don’t have vision. We gave them towels, water bottles and snacks. We got them tender coconuts to help counter the summer afternoon heat. The children were as usual excited and happy to have us there.

This project was sponsored by Annet Arjun Vakil. Annet Arjun was working part time and expressed his desire to do a charitable act for his birthday from his earnings. Thank you, Padmini, for this thoughtful gesture. Little acts of kindness are eye openers and teach us to emulate their generosity. The Annets Club is proud and happy with Arjun’s thoughtful gesture.

On November 4th, The Annets Club visited Mother Theresa Peace Home, Tirupur where multiple handicapped and permanently bed ridden children are taken care of. The life stories of these children would move one to tears. The sisters and volunteers there take care of all the needs of these children 24*7. They shower them with love and affection to which the children respond happily and long for. We provided them with their diaper requirements for 3 months and a few other essentials. Rtn Sushil Chugh sponsored comfortable clothes for these children. The Annets club is happy that the proceeds of their fundraiser has reached a well deserving place .

November 19 th was our caretaker Meenakshi’s daughter Hareshnee’s birthday. The Annets club was part of her special day in a small way. Annets Nethra and Madhvi Gometheswarn sponsored a new dress for her, Annets Rakshan and Rohin Rajesh the birthday cake and Annet Leya a cash gift. She was overjoyed and was waiting from afternoon. Small deeds of Kindness, but they went a very long way!!

The Annets Club is happy to share that we have sponsored the school fees of Dravida Ezhil. She is a 6th standard student of Mani Higher Secondary School. Her father works at a medical shop and her mother works as a domestic help and they cannot afford her education. The Annets club is happy that Annets Nethra and Madhvi Gomatheswaran have come forward to support her education by paying her annual fees of Rs. 36000. Thankyou Nethra and Madhvi for your generous support. Wishing and hoping that Ezhil fares well in her schooling and comes out in bright colours.

The first project of the Annets Club was done on the day of Installation. We sponsored the school fees of Deshna R, a std 9 student of Saraswathi Vidyalaya Matriculation School, Chintamanipudur, amounting to Rs.19800.

Deshna lost her father last year and her mother does not have a source of income. Rtn. Jude Alex has sponsored the fees. Deshna will be sponsored by Rtn. Jude till she completes her 10th std. Wishing Deshna all the best for her schooling

The Annets Club of Rotary Coimbatore Texcity visited the Government School for the Visually Impaired at Viraliyur. Fifteen blind children between the age of six and thirteen reside and attend school here. They distributed Abacus, Braille sheets, stylus, and Braille Words to them.

Refreshments were also provided to them. It was heartwarming to see these children play happily although they cannot see this beautiful World around them.

They requested for Sarkarai Pongal on Independence Day and Rtn Devi Maruti has volunteered to sponsor the same. Thankyou Devi aunty.

Thank you, Latha Babu aunty, for sponsoring the Cupcakes, Suji aunty for the Samosas, Srilatha aunty for the soft drinks and coming along.

Thank you to our student exchange Annet Enzo from Brazil, Anushka Brijesh and Alex for coming along.

Thank you Vijay uncle and Devi aunty for going along and encouraging them.

They distributed nightwear and personal hygiene products to 40 elderly women who have made their home here. They were very happy to have them there and they interacted with them joyfully.

It was Onam the next day so the Annets treated them to Banana chips, Sharkara upperi, vada and Payasam.

This was made possible by Annet brothers Rakshan Rajesh and Rohin Rajesh who were the sponsors of this project. The smiles on the faces of all the inmates was something to be seen and cherished.

The Annets Club President Leya Jude expressed her thanks to Devi aunty, Pavitra aunty, Daisy aunty Sumi aunty and her Appa (Dad) for coming along and supporting them.

Annette of Texcity Won Smiles by visiting Aroh, an organization committed to cancer care for underprivileged children. They entertained the children there with some games, dance and music. They cut a cake for the children celebrating their birthday this week and distributed 5Star chocolates. They also sponsored Rs 60,000 as Medical Aid for the cancer treatment of these children.

On 25th August, Annetts went to Jeevan Jyothi Project cost: Rs. 40,000/-(Rs. 3000/- for basic medicines for every month for 12 months and Rs. 4000/apparatus, etc.) Beneficiaries: Poor, rural sick and palliative care patients in 8 villages Annette’s participated: Aditya, Arjun, Danush, Aaron. The Annetts did this project in association with NGO Santhom Social Service Society (Reg No. 19/2012). We handed over the cheque. After which, we did a field visit to one of the palliative care patients in her house. It was a moving experience to see her smiling inspite of being in so much pain..