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Argus Metal Detector (THS/ TT)

  • Very high Sensitivity to all magnetic and non- magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • Wide detection Speed range from lm/sec up to 50 m/sec
  • Response time for detection Is5 milli secs and diversion is S0 milli secs
  • High immunity to environmental interference
  • Collection box with door for easy operation
  • Fuly digital programming
  • Auto-learn function for automatic setting of the maximum sensitivity in dry and wet conditions
  • Bluetooth communication for setting and maintenance through external PC
  • Metal object speed and mass sensing
  • P65 high degree of protection
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Argus Infrared Spark Detector

  • Detects a single spark in 6 micro seconds
  • Detects Sparks at speeds up to 60 meters per second
  • Special design and circuitry eliminate reactions to static electricity
  • Operates in temperatures from -40 C to +85C
  • Low Voltage 24-volt operation
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Control Panel

  • Advanced Digital Technology with LCD display
  • GSM lechnology with instant SMS dlerts in mobile phones for Hire and Fauit detection
  • Tower lamp with loud siren to alert spark detection
  • Self-diagnoSIs and fault indications in LED and LCD
  • Simple push-button reset and easy installation
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Argus Spark Divertor

  • Automatic fire protection system for chute feed and lap feed lines
  • Even a single Spark will activate diverter, stop the machine and sound alarm
  • InbUilt air tank Tor quIck response
  • Compact design - requires only L5 meters or 5 feet of space due to high speed -50 millisecond reaction time
  • Compact desIgn- requires only L5 meters or 5 feet of space due to high speed- 50 millisecond reaction time
  • WorKS In areas of positive or negative air pressure
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WS - 15 Bale Plucker Safety

  • Argus S35 infrared sensor can detect spark as small as emm and activate the system
  • Automatic Water Extinguisher with four spray nozzles on both sides quenches the fire and prevents spreading on the bales
  • Cotrol panel gets Alarm system activated and shuts down the Blow-room line
  • Argus system is also available with Zero residue Gas extinguishing System
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