Bobbin Transporting System

  • Customised design - Linking Speed-frame to Ring-frame
  • Various options -
    • Manual Bobbin Handling System
    • Closed Loop System
    • PLC Based Automated System with Reserve Station
    • Fully Automated with Creel change system
  • Exchanger for Auto-doffer Speed-frame (Single / Twin)
  • Stripper available from Single to Ten Spindle
  • EXchanger- 4/5 exchange per minute / Stripper-e stripping per minute
  • ETTective stripping or roving througn blowing and Suction
  • Invertor controlled train movement up to l6 mts / min
  • Specially designed aluminium alloy rugged rails and trains for long life
  • Completely maintenance free with minimum interference running for more than a decade
  • Perfect profiles of rails and smooth finish ensures smooth running of trains, provides onger life and corrosion free
  • Specially designed acetate wheel for friction free movement and longer life
  • Colour sensors to avoId bobbin mixing
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