Yarn Conditioning Systems KUBIX

  • Cubical main vessel to handle Pallets as well as Trolleys
  • Kubix F - On Floor without Pit - 360/ 720/1440/2160 Kgs per batch
  • KubixP - In pit with Pallets of 8 layers - 750/1100/1500 /1900/2200 Kgs per batch
  • Kubix A - In pit with Pallets of 13 layers - 3050 Kgs per batch
  • Can be linked to Cone 1ransportation System
  • With Preconditioning
  • Well proven design with separate vessel for conditioning and steam generation
  • Energy Saver Unit - Separate chamber for readymade steam reduces cycle time, increases no. of batches, reduces power consumption up to 20%
  • Vacuumization up to 85% ensures unitorm&maximum moisture gain
  • Capable of low temperature yarn conditioning from 46'C to heat setting up to 95C in the same vessel
  • Built-in with safety features such as PLC control valve to release excess pressure and Ihermostat protection for heating cOl & motors
  • EquIpped with PLC and up to8 Sets of variouS programs can be storeda
  • Single / Multiple Cycle (Up to 20 Sets) programming is possible
  • Suitable for conditioning Yarn in Pallet, Cone Trolley, Cops Trolley & Hank for
  • Platform arrangement for Automatic Loading & Unloading
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