An Open air and spacious amphitheatre built which offers a panoramic view of the entire school. It is well designed with seating for students and staff which will be an ideal venue for celebrations, co curricular activities and entertainment. Children can do a variety of dramatics and public speaking activities through the year in this arena which removes stage fright and increases their oral communication skills.

Beautifully landscaped, this arena allows students a conducive environment outside the four walls of the classroom.

Art & Craft room

Advaita International School is a perfect abode for students with a passion for arts. An array of opportunities and guidance from acclaimed mentors inspires and motivates each student to explore, learn and get involved in the various nuances of art. Art & Craft room gives space to students to showcase their skills and work.

Music & Dance Room

Students with a genuine desire to learn a variety of dance styles forms and music (instrumental and vocal) are not only given training but a dedicated music and dance room has been allocated to enhance their skills.

The music department has well-equipped classrooms with a wide range of instruments, a state of the art lab, spacious practice rooms and several performance spaces. Students are introduced to an extensive palette of skills, cultures, contexts, composition strategies, performance opportunities and the sheer joy of making music together furthers enhances their abilities.


The spacious library, with more than 20,000 books on diverse subjects is a storehouse of knowledge. Students are encouraged to cultivate reading habit from a young age and taught to use the space as a centre for learning. Library is a gateway for students to quell their curiosities and get answers to all their queries. The library also has an electronic (Audio and Video CD) section, which makes the process of learning a lot more exciting and interesting. Our library facilitates students to fine-tune their research and critical thinking skills, bibliographic instruction and discussions. Our open access system helps students to choose book according to their interest. The multimedia room and internet zone etc help students to keep themselves up to date with today’s world.

Activity Room

Kids learn the best through play. For this purpose we have designed an activity room for our kids to learn to share and co-operate with each other. It also develops their gross motor skills and attitudes that they need to work towards early learning goals.

Our curriculum and teaching philosophy is based on play. Therefore, activity room gives space to pre-primary kids where they can learn by playing through Doll house, Super market, soft play gym and many more educational aids.

Toddlers Pool

We have designed a toddlers pool for pre-primary children where they can have a fun time during summers. Water play is a great activity to indulge in, as it helps to strengthen the child’s body balance, muscle strength and coordination and boosts social growth as children get an opportunity to interact with one another in fun.

Computer Lab

The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet connectivity. Apart from three full-fledged Computer Labs, the Learning Centre also has computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments.

Maths Lab

Mathematics is the language of the universe and is a major component of student life. The Mathematics Laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art furniture, up-to-date apparatus/equipments, sufficient in quantity for every child to play and experiment with, individually. Learners get the opportunity to discuss, engage and solve Mathematical problems in a forum that is completely voluntary.

Clinic & Sick Bay

A school nurse will be on site during the school hours. The nurse treats minor injuries, provides first aid and maintains students’ health records.


To ensure less travelling time and Safe transportation, Trusted Vehicles and Drivers are sent to door step along with a guard and lady attendant in each Vehicle to ensure safety and cleanliness.

All the school buses are air conditioned and carry only the permitted number of students is in accordance with the capacity of the bus. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. All the buses are fitted with GPS devices and speed controllers.

Audio Visual Room

The school will follow audio-visual learning in pre-primary and primary classes by an electronic projector connected to a computer, which is useful for teaching different types of learning.

Science Lab

Science lab has been designed beautifully to meet diverse scientific needs and decorum. All the practical concerned with secondary school curriculum may be conducted easily in the lab.

Language Lab

The English Language Lab is set up to offer an intensive English language training programme that prepares students for academic success and their future careers and allows them to communicate confidently and effectively.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall helps children to practice various indoor sports, aethletics and arts and is also an events hall for parents to witness the live performances of their children

IT Services


School ERP

Smart Class

ID Cards